Comedy in Roppongi

Emcee extraordinaire Bob Werley
Emcee extraordinaire Bob Werley.

On Friday, the Tokyo Comedy Store's mid-month show moved to Matsuri in Roppongi. The super-chic new venue featured host Bob Werley, the Brotherhood of Evil Improvisers, and a raft of stand-up and open mic guests, including Dave Gutteridge, Ken Suzuki and Kaori Takamura. Stageboy Jack exercised his inimitable mastery of lights and sound throughout the night.


My contribution? Emotional support, laughter, and some of the best photos I've snagged of people in the dark. The ante has been upped.


Onstage: Part 1

Bob, Kaori, the Brotherhood and more...

Onstage: Part 2

Ken, Dave, the Brotherhood and friends.

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