MSND is done

Right, I just shaved off my 5-day 5-o'clock shadow, so I am no longer Snout the Tinker.


The run was serious fun. With 40 people in the cast, there was always something going on, and the backstage area of the Sunmall Theatre is amusingly cavernous. The effects were brilliant, and though things weren't always perfect, the impression made on the audience was always solid. Last night we got a nice 'ooh' as Titania came out.


My best shows were probaly the first night and the last night, largely thanks to Phil McQueen, who gave me some fantastic material to react to as Thisby/Flute the Bellows-Mender. Roger, our effects guy, has over 100 gigabytes of photos and video that I can't wait to get my hands on. Now I just need food, sleep, and a bit of normalcy...

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    Sorcha Chisholm (Wednesday, 03 November 2010 12:33)

    Hey Mike, you were indeed a Wonderwall in Midsummer ;) What an amazing show that was! I certainly enjoyed flouncing about as a wierdo fairy. Sun Mall certainly is cavernous.. but how appropriate. See you at the cast party!