No Time to Wait

A silly comedy about life. And penguins.

I wrote No Time to Wait in two parts beginning back in high school, then sewed them together years later in Japan. I will forever be indebted to our brilliant cast and crew who worked together to put on a production in Shinjuku in 2013, allowing Quentin and Enos to enjoy a very special form of life on the stage.

NT2W Cast & Crew

Quentin: Rodger Sonomura

Enos: Nicolas Gregoriades 

Angus: Antun Percic

Vincentio: Mike Kanert

Antonio: Jack Freeman

Francisco: Bob Werley

Alescus: Philip Novoselic

Live Music: Johnny Barefoot


Director: Mike Kanert

Producer: Mike Kanert

Assistant Director: Nicolas Gregoriades

Fight Choreographer: Jonah Hagans

Movement Director: Kanon Hewitt

Stage Manager: Davina McFadyen

Lighting: Jeremy Plant 

Sets: Richard Schwartz

Props: Troy Fisher-Harper

Costumes: Sophie Noréen

Costume Assistant: Mylene Pimentel

Costume Assistant: Benjas Morato

Publicity: Wendell T. Harrison & Goshi Shirakawa

Photography: Stephen W. Jackson

NT2W Photo Gallery

All photos by the incomparable Stephen W. Jackson.

NT2W Publicity

I designed the posters, tickets and flyers, and edited the promotional video. The program was designed by Wendell T. Harrison and Goshi Shirakawa. All photos by Stephen W. Jackson.

NT2W Highlights

We just had one still camera at the back, and the audio pickup isn't the best. But I still love what we were able to put together.

NT2W Background Elements

We spent quite a while practicing sword work with Jonah Hagans.