Mike Kanert's Halloween Illustrations

The Halloween Book

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Every frame of this is hand-drawn and hand-painted. I went nearly insane producing the whole thing over seven days.

0: Title Page
1: Let's get ready!
2: Goodbye!
11: Look! A pumpkin!
4: Let's go...
5: Ding-dong!
6: Creeeeeak...
7: Trick or treat!
8: Here you are!
9: Thank you!
10: Happy Halloween!
3: Look! Pumpkins!
12: Knock, knock, knock!
13: Trick or treat!
14: Here you are!
15: Thank you! Happy Halloween!
16: Knock, knock. Trick or treat! Thank you! Happy Halloween!
17: Welcome home!
18: Munch, munch. Let's trade!
19: The End

Halloween Masks

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Color the masks, then cut them out and attach elastics to the tabs to put them on. It's simplest to string 3 elastics together and then staple them to the tabs.

Pumpkin Mask
Mummy Mask
Skull Mask
Tiger Mask
Robot Mask
Vampire Mask
Pirate Mask
Witch Mask
Dog Mask
Rabbit Mask
Dragon Mask
Prate Hat
Witch Hat

All images (c) 2002-2010 Michael Kanert. Limited license for reproduction by individual teachers.