Other Art

Dick Whittington

This was a promotional illustration for a production by Tokyo Theatre for Children (TTFC). Illustrations by Mike Kanert (hand-inked, then digitally colored). Final flyer designed by India Polgar. 

Dick Whittington


Another TTFC show, this one directed by Samantha Shekey. Illustrations and map by Mike Kanert (characters hand-inked, then digitally colored; map done in Illustrator). Final flyer designed by India Polgar. 

The Nutcracker


TTFC again. They said they had really good turnout after they started using my illustrations for posters. I had lots of fun drawing all the random historical characters for this one. Illustrations by Mike Kanert (hand-inked, then digitally colored). Final flyer designed by India Polgar. 


The Little Mermaid

My first TTFC design, and my first serious attempt at using a tablet to do art. Final flyer designed by Carey Storin and Michelle Flint Yamazaki. Illustrations by Mike Kanert. Final version created entirely digitally. I think the background water splash came from a stock photo I modified.

The Little Mermaid

ALT Pamphlet

Preliminary sketches for a pamphlet explaining how to work with ALTs, and my first attempt at working with my tablet. I still like the sad and lonely ALT.

Digital Art

The ogre and Wall of Wool were entirely digital, with the latter logo background borrowed from World of Warcraft. The comic was drawn by hand and colored digitally. Wall of Wool was made for a friend's hockey pool, while the information proprietorship comic was commissioned for the same friend. My dissatisfaction with the coloring process for the latter is what convinced me to get a tablet—which, ironically, I don't use anymore because I find the mouse easier to color with, and I never felt comfortable drawing on a tablet. 

Group Dynamics

I did these for a student leadership group back in high school. I can't even remember what its name was anymore.


This stuff all dates back to high school. There's also some creepier work you can find in the Dark Stuff section.

All images and designs except World of Warcraft background © Michael Kanert.