40 Down

In the coloring process. Of the 84 drawings I had left unfinished, 40 have been completed.


I've been going by themes. I started with my "Rabbit & Rhino" and "Baby Bear" sets, which are now complete. I had no idea there were 40 of them. (The hamsters and kittens are sub-sets of the Rabbit & Rhino theme.)


It's amazing how much you learn when you produce on a mass scale. Just drawing these 40 I taught myself new background and lighting techniques that I hadn't even figured out doing the original 28 flashcards last year. I feel much more confident in my work, and in my ability to produce output that is of increasingly consistent quality. I've also learned a few good techniques for turning "Ho-hum" into "Wow!"


Heh... I'm even getting closer to being off-book for No Exit. Just three weeks away! (Yikes!!)

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