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I have so much poetry I don't know where to put it.

Last weekend I had another fairly successful poetry reading at What the Dickens in Ebisu. The only glitches were that I couldn't get my first poem to show up on my iPhone, and that I still tend to talk a little softly into the mic. But the audience was kindly receptive again, and while I don't exactly banter, I do enjoy the muttering. Michele and Frank were supportive as always, and I'm developing a deeper sense of appreciation for the work done by some of the other writers that I'm gradually getting to know. Also got a friend to come out just for me, which is always nice.


As I do more poetry work, I've decided to try to isolate that element of my website. was designed to hold everything I've ever produced in one place, which it does well. However, given the odd variety of things I do, this also means that one section can look no more significant than the next, and where most successful sites microfocus on one topic, mine is too broad for the casual audience to know where to go. So I decided to make a new site just for poetry. And there went my weekend. is up and running. I am a little annoyed that Jimdo (my host) only let me know that the pure ".com" variant was taken when I tried to upgrade to Pro registrationbut I suppose I should be thankful, as it saves me about $100 per year on fees. I'll live with the ".jimdo" for now, and wait for the ".com" version to become available in January. 


Aside from all the Jimdo relics I can't delete until I upgrade, I still haven't dared to look at the order of the poems. It took me ages just to copy them all overI had no idea I had become so prolific. I estimate there must be at lease 300 poems spread across 42 pages (Yes, there are exactly 42 pages. I guess that means the poems themselves must form the Question to The Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything...). They're divided by emotion on the How You Feel site, which should be a more interesting mix than the time-based subdivision I have on TheKanert.


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