What we are

We show what we are in what we do and what we say, and in what we do not do and what we do not say. And yet we can see in the face, in the body, the emotion that comes with action, and with its absence. Not all of us are as strong as we would wish to be. Not all of us can be. We suffer when we cannot do what we should have done. We suffer when we cannot think of the right thing to do. Or when we think of it only too late. And we rejoice when we have, against all odds and probability, realized and executed the right deed at the right moment. There is revelation in satisfaction, and revelation in regret. Action. Word. Emotion concealed. Emotion revealed. These are what we are.


Why do I weep as I write this?


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    Anne (Tuesday, 31 July 2012 04:50)

    Sincere thoughts,but sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves and forgive ourselves for our missteps and our failings, pick ourselves up and try again.

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    thekanert (Wednesday, 01 August 2012 03:15)

    A valid point. But this is not a statement of regret.