Four Big Events

Right, I will presently dedicate about 30 minutes of time (all I got!) to a brief summary of 3 key events in the last week, plus a quick comment on one from a month back.

Roppongi Comedy Show

Vinay Murthy at the Roppongi Comedy Show
Vinay Murthy at the Roppongi Comedy Show

Last night was the Tokyo Comedy Store's Roppongi Comedy show at the swank Matsuri 'Tokyo Night Resort'. We had a solid audience, with strong sets throughout the night, including musical comedy from Ruben, standup from Cleeve, Aziz, Dave, Vinay and Spring, and featuring Hannah, Dave, John and Huw in the Brotherhood of Evil Improvisers. All hosted by the ever-talented Bob Werley, and featuring the scariest improv zombie you have ever seen! 

Kickboxing Break-30

Martial Arts Japan Kickboxing Federation Break-30
Martial Arts Japan Kickboxing Federation Break-30

Last Sunday my kickboxing friend from Iwate, Yuji, had another boxing event. Thanks to his loss last time he's no longer flyweight champion, but he managed to outlast an opponent nearly 20 cm taller than him and show some mad foot-flipping work over three rounds to win by decision. Yuji is the little guy in orange shorts.

International Salon

Last weekend on Saturday was the 'International Salon' at BC World recording studio in Yoyogi. This was H's debut, and included some serious talentamong them a girl who was a former Miss Japan contestant. H looked polished as she covered Amazing Graceand a boppin' bossa nova version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.


In the latter half, H and I worked with the emcee to introduce the acts. It was a little stressful with all the Japanese flying around, but we managed to make it through.

Dog Sees God

And before it goes unmentioned, TIP's Comedy Festival of One-Acts ended a few weeks ago. Playing CB in Dog Sees God, nominally a comedy, was the single most intense and personal investment I have ever made in a production, with a whirlpool of events inside and outside the play coalescing in a dozen horrible ways that brought about a moving experience for audiences at the expense of my peace of mind. I'm proud of it. But I'm still pulling myself back together.


Almost there.


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