Turkey Dinner & The Sisyphean Wheel of Art

After two weeks of eating nothing but take-out prior to my move, followed by two weeks of eating nothing but take-out after my move, it was only a matter of time before I got sick. It didn't help that Shinjuku surrounds me with electronics, brand bags, karaoke and restaurants, but when I asked at the local convenience store where I might find a supermarket they looked at me funny and shrugged. Then they suggested a convenience store.


The other day I finally discovered that the nearest supermarket is a three-minute walk away. It's not even all that expensive. Lesson learned? Don't rely on Combini people.

Christmas Dinner

Turkey Dinner!
Turkey Dinner!

Bad food was aleviated thanks to Chrismas dinner with the Bojarzins, where I enjoyed good company, deadly egg nogg, and my first-ever turkey in Japan.


If there's anyone out there to whom I did not yet send the link, Jonny Bojarzin also goes by Jonny Barefoot, and his So Much Beauty is presently my Track of Obsessive Listening now that he has uploaded it onto YouTube.

A Few More Days, A Few More Flashcards

I am slowly bashing my way through these flashcards. Scanning alone is becoming an ordeal, but there are just 19 left! Then 80 to color... 


For now, let me be satisfied that Set C is done... 

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