Comiket in the Cold

I got invited to play Okarin again at the December edition of Comiket. I only made it out for one day this time, but I have now effectively categorized four kids of fun you can have with a day of cosplay:


(1) You can have fun taking other people's pictures.

(2) You can have fun getting your picture taken.

(3) You can have fun getting pictures of you with your favorite characters.

(4) You can have fun collecting all the characters from your show so everyone else can go nuts taking millions of pictures of you.


Number (4) makes the day the most excitingparticularly when you are part of a large set. My friend Emiko and I managed to flag down three other characters from the series Steins;Gate, with much photography ensuing.


I also discovered that cosplayers will often have business cards of themselves in their various costumes, meaning that many carry multiple variant cards. We met a guy who came up all the way from Nagoya with three costumesone for each day of the convention. He was one of several people we re-encountered from the August edition of Comiket.


It was supposed to rain, but we were lucky that the weather held, and I was able to get some nice shots. We even knocked off a few really nice model shots in the last light of the day.


Highlights for me included Final Fantasy characters, a Gantz team, the cutests Tachikoma I have ever seen, and some guy who decided to turn up as Tora-san...


Did I mention that half the event is essentially otaku T&A? It was amusing to note the skin-colored tights and heat paks applied by all the girls who still turned up in skimpy outfits.

The Event

The Steins;Gate Set

Fan Pics

Model Shots

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