Unremarkable Us

After a hiatus of an untold number of years (20? More?), I'm going to try to bring my comics back on a regular basis. In fact, this is probably the most regular basis I've ever aimed to achieve.


I'll be trying to post three new Unremarkable Us comics to be up every Tuesday morning. (My actual goal is Monday night, but "Monday" implies first thing in the morning, so let's just make it Tuesday and call it even.) This may or may not have something to do with the fact that my comics for this week weren't done until about 4 p.m. on Tuesday... I'll try to keep to the schedule better in future.


So you know what's going on, in its current form, the comic is essentially a slightly exaggerated description of our life since M. got pregnant. While the specific gags didn't necessarily happen, the scenarios and events are pretty much what M. has been going through as we hurtle toward January.


Maybe some of this will be helpful or amusing for people; maybe it's just my way of understanding what's happening to us. Regardless, we'll try to be here every Tuesday with some fresh attempts to laugh at the whole thing.