I did a number of flyers for theater productions in Tokyo as well as a smattering of corporate interest pieces. They don't really match with the comic art of the others, so they're in this section.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

This was a Tokyo International Players (TIP) show directed by Davina McFadyen. The design went on the back of the program of the preceding TIP production.


Burn This

This was for a production by Neptune Theatre, for which I also designed the logo. Program and logo design by Mike Kanert. Awesome black & white NY photographs courtesy of Eisuke Takeuchi.

Burn This program
Neptune Theatre


This was some fun work for TIP. I was also Assistant Director for this show. Flyer and photos by Mike Kanert. Brilliant costumes designed and illustrated by Suzy Walker.


Corporate Textbooks

A flyer for selling texbooks for Interac. I took the photos and did the designs with the two Japanese fonts I had available at the time.