Updated as often as my schedule allows. In addition to the Blog, the Poetry, Japan Travel, and Photography  sections tend to get regular attention.

How You

The poetry section got so big it needed its own site. Content is divided by emotionclick an image or a description and off you go.

Tokyo Stage


A calendar of indie stage, comedy, music and poetry all through the Tokyo area. I do my best to keep it up to date.



The Continent of Istium

Fragile Order: A Novel 

Deeply psychological, subtle as a sledgehammer, set in a world like Tolkien’s Middle Earth bathed in the fatalism of Dante’s Divine Comedy. The truth is never pretty.

The Apocryphal Bible of a Soul

The Apocryphal Bible of a Soul

I recently self-published my first collection of poetry. To be followed by The Flaming Spear and The Pool of Redemption... and eventually The Clairty of Epiphany.