Published Works

All About Japan

Collected articles on All About Japan. Most published while editor-in-chief from September 2015 to May 2018.


Collected articles in Metropolis  magazine, published while editor/managing editor in 2014.

Highlighting Japan

You have to click around the archives from December 2013 to March 2014 to find my work while editor at Highlighting Japan.

What Global HR Means for Japan

Adapt or risk being absorbed overseas.

Japan, My Neverland

Japan, My Neverland

When you're turning 30, is it really still cool to hang out with the Lost Boys?

Signing On

Signing On

It's hard for a self-conscious otaku to get to Japan.

Down to the Wire

Down to the Wire and Cursing Technology

My undergraduate thesis comes down to the last 15 minutes.

Dreams on Hold

Dreams on Hold

You may study for a job, but you can only deny yourself for so long.

Go Ahead

Go ahead, make my day. Check my I.D. - please?

The upside of getting carded at the liquor store.