Hardest Sets Done

As of this afternoon, the hardest sets are done. This leaves 29 cards left to color, with 55 knocked out. The Knights set was a challenge because I wanted to achieve a sort of stained glass effect. I'm quite happy with the results. They look a little fuzzy at certain resolutions on the screen, but print just fine.



The Explorers were always time-consuming. I finally did the count and determined that their bodies alone have 17 colors, plus one or two layers of shading needed to pull off the most complex shadows in all the sets. Then the backgrounds are invariably a trial in and of themselves. It's murderous, but the final effect is generally quite positive.


Incidentally, their wonderfully horrible names are: Chestly McSplorer, Necks MacVenture, and Dr. Beaksy de Try!


Extra points for those who can spot the movie/lit references... there are at least 6.

No Exit

No Exit opens next Thursday! Come watch! I'm even 95% off-book!

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    Anne Kanert (Thursday, 31 January 2013 15:42)

    These flashcards are amazing, Mike!

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    thekanert (Friday, 01 February 2013 00:24)

    Thanks! Workin' hard...