Monster Party!

Another few days, another dozen flashcards. The Monster Party is done! I now only have Pigs & Aliens left to do (6 cards). Then I draw the backings, and I will finally be free to try to get Fragile Order and some poetry published, and look into getting No Time to Wait produced in Tokyo. Then, of course, there's producing Jonny Barefoot's new album along with my friend Laurier and working with my friend Rodger to finally get Unremarkable in a newspaper.


I very often think I need to quit my paying job so I can do all the non-paying jobs I do...

The Possibilities

I also popped by a rehearsal for The Possibilities, which will be opening at the end of March. While this was predominantly to get my tie clip back from Carly Van Groeningen, costumer extraordinaire from No Exit, I took the opportunity to snap a few photos... or about 500. There were pretty people and good lighting.

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