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Right, I've decided I've had it with not knowing when anything is on because I have 50 separate Facebook invitations I said 'maybe' to. I'm also sick of attending brilliant events at which I am one of the few guests. There are a lot of artistic foreigners in Tokyo, and it's time our left hand knew what the right was doing.


This may be insane, but I'm going to try to keep track of it all. 


I've got a start. As of today, TokyoStage.jimdo.com has a functional calendar that lists every theatre, music, poetry and comedy gig in town that I'm aware of. I'm not listing Green Day or SummerSonic. They can take care of themselves, thanks. I'm listing everything else. I'm hoping it will also be useful for artists who don't want to double-up on their peers.


We'll see how long I can keep it up. Let the mail deluge commence!

Other News

In other news, I finally went back to sword fighting after a few weeks off that began with a trip to Kagoshima (to be blogged soon). I find that my will to work nosedives when I'm out of shape, a state that is now being remedied.


No Time to Wait will have its first reading this Friday, where most of the cast will finally get to meet one another. I also made the rather large first deposit, so we are officially at Theater Brats from Nov. 21-24, and the lovely Wendell T. Harrison has been hard at work on our official website.


I did programs and photography for Burn This, presented by Neptune Theatre and TIP Second Stage, as well as helping to line up Kev Gray & Rob Moreau for one night of the first annual Tokyo Arts Week. The run has finally finished, and I think everyone involved can get some well-deserved rest.


I also finally printed out some of my photos to hang in a friend's rented apartments around Tokyo. There's something deeply satisfying about seeing your own work in a frame for the first time.


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