Wavering between invincibility and powerlessness.

A Growl Becomes A Roar


Sinews wail, mind aflame

No sanctum do I seek

But to scar my flesh—no eternal soul

Shall my maker meet.



I shall claw my way up to the earth

And batter the heavens to my feet.





I decided to take on the world this morning

Standing by the door in my blue bathrobe.



Look Up


As I split the sky

You shall fear my name

For I am no more than a man.



Four In The Morning


Take me out to the real world

I’ll stare him straight down the maw

Take me out to the real world

I’ll beat ‘im from his toes to his jaw.

You say he’ll devour me

You say he’s walking death

Well, you haven’t seen me yet, baby

I don’t fear the stench of his breath.

I’m not going to back down

I won’t sit by the side of the ring

This fight won’t be over

Till I’m free of his sting.

He’s got me by the throat now

That’s what I like, you see

Because now it’s all personal

Now it’s just him and me.

My life or his, I know

At this point I don’t care at all

If I go down, he comes with me

My soul will explode when I fall.




Sounds Cool, Doesn’t It?


I decided to take on the world today

Let my sorrow be my sword.

Shield myself in good intentions

While biting at its heels.