Buffeted from all sides,

burning light behind,

gripping scavengers ahead,

a new resident arrives.

No different from the last.

No different from

the next to come.

Simply one.

No more.

No less.



The one joins the many, forming

a mass of one that is many.

The many step together toward

their common destination,

enter together the realm

of unknown trails,

leaving all else



The one watches as the many

become the fewer,

and then the fewer still.

Some are seen to move forward.

Some move back.

Some do not seem to

move at all.

Still others stray from

the path entirely.


Each one

shall be






One after another

I have witnessed





Each departs from

A known starting point

A home

A sanctuary

And each will enter

A realm of shadows

Of uncertainty

Of fear.

All they have lies in




It must be cherished

It must grow.


My turn arrives

My leap of faith


My door.


My life.





When someone leaves

The world of those who remain behind

Becomes ever so slightly dimmer.

I am nearly enshrouded in darkness.


And now I must step away

From my few remaining candles

And embrace the night.

Forgive me.



I am an ancient child

Who has tired of his toys

   Yet prays that his toys have not tired of him.

As I have flown ever

Toward the final exit,

My once-blazing light

   Has grown dim.

All that remains is eclipsed;

The door is closed behind me,

Left unlatched for another

   Who shall come.

And as I hum a tune

About gleaming suns

   I know that it is time to move on.





Five years passed

Five years spent

Five ephemeral glimpses

Into the molten core of man

That may never be lived again.

Years of wonder

Years of grief

Years of walking

Until each walker finds his pace


Some fall behind

Others move ahead

Still others are trampled underfoot

As they slip from our fingers.


As this piece of the path

Comes to an end,

We see two roads diverge in the wood

And I—

I shall make my own path.

And that will make all the difference.