What is love?

I know it not.

It knows not me.

Let it fly to the wind.

Let the truth be told.

Let the pen stab at the heart.


My soul warrants no


Yet receives all

With the faintest








Once, a hand reached out

Alone in the darkness.

A moment of fear

A moment of pain

And then that hand was filled.


The ephemeral moment

Is an eternity.


Now take your hand from mine

Let each finger be a reminder

Of a time when our two hands were one.


For as I climbed my peaks

You guided my way

As I crawled in darkness

You helped me find the path

As I grasped the cup

It was you who filled it

And for you that I sought it out.


I depart now as I came.

My hands are cold

And though they may again be filled,

They shall never forget your texture.


This place, this time, this everything

Will not be lost

Even as my hands

—my eternal hands—

Crumble into dust.


Don't Let This End

These hands are but a breath in time

Their touch is nothing more

But beyond the reach of touch and time

Together let us soar.



Cyrano’s Apprentice


I apologize for all my words

Which stumble from my tongue

Though wrought to fit a harmony

They cannot match your song


I apologize for flowers sent

Which though they blossomed true

Before your petals bright and soft

They withered while in bloom


I apologize for squandered time

Spent pondering the sky

Instead of seeking tainted grails

I should be at your side


I apologize for all my love

I’ve shown it as I could

For though it’s all that drives my life

I cannot love you as I should.