Hide my soul in a glass box

Now I’ve lost the key.



Lies. Lies. Lies.


This flesh:




Not my own;

And the rusted hooks

Bite into another’s skin

Whose body wields my soul.


The eyes that plead

Are false windows




They reveal the worlds

I shall never see

But can only envision,

Engulfed in the evils of my own.


But it is not me.


I scream

Within my glass box

But my lungs are filled with ink;

No-one hears my one true voice.


I can withstand no more of this;

My soul cannot endure;

And I scream and scream but no-one hears.


It’s time for me to move on:








Grant me one more day

That I may do what I have not done

   So many have I squandered

   That surely a single one more

   Is of little consequence.


Grant me one more day

   That I may love

   That I may live

   That I may tear this world apart

   And piece it together again.


With this one day shall I

The heavens assail and

The deepest pits collapse.


This one day shall be my consummation:

   Of life

   Of love

   Of destruction

   Of healing

If I could have but this one day

   Beyond my time.


It is all that is truly mine:
   My thoughts

   My works

   My deeds

My loves and debauches innumerable

   Shall all be washed away.

I shall grapple Death for this day.


   This day alone is mine.

Do not take it from me

For should you attempt it

You would find my will so formidable

That it would crumble at a feather’s touch

And blow away in a summer breeze.


Please. Grant me one more day.





It is my quest to follow Heaven’s goals, to exalt God

Until I can be raised above the needs of mortal man.

But the justice I seek to administer is unwanted,

The kingdom of God I serve is unloved, forgotten.

When there is so much sin, why does no-one come to me for help?

Why do I feel so fragile… is my faith wavering?

I weep for the labours of man

And feel anger at his sins.

I am surrounded by the sins of mortals

But I will be here for you,

Even as your sins bring about your end.



Words Can Mean Nothing


Shall I tell you

Who I am?

Stare into my eyes.

In them you’ll see

The Darkest pools

Where the most evil

Dreams find



I hate the world as

It hates me, but

I shall not be

So simply


In my hatred I

Love it more,

For its enmity

Has caused me

To despise that which

I am


Ever shall be.

The only power I retain

Is the truth

Within this shell.

My truth can weave

Tales that would

Scald your soul and

Drive you mad:

And my love

Restrains me from